Meaningful Life Change

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Christine Schwebel

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Trained and Certified by CTI, The Coaches Training Institute


BEabove Leadership Advanced Coaching Series

Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformative Coaching


BA, Communications - University of Minnesota


Global Career Development Facilitator - National Career Develoment Association and the Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc. at Normandale College


Member of the International Coaching Federation and actively involved in the Minnesota Chapter of ICF and the Twin Cities CTI co-active coaching community.


Professional  Certifed Coach, International Coach Federation


Facilitator, M Health Fairview, Stress-Resiliency Classes


Certified Co-Active Professional Coach

 Training and Certification, Coaches Training Institute


Advanced Coaching Series:  Neuroscience, Consciousness

 and Transformational Coaching,  BEabove Leadership,


Co-Leader, MN ICF Chapter Ignite Programs, Ignite Initiative,

 ICF Foundation


Probono Coach - Humanitarian Coaching Network  


Leadership Team, MN Pachamama Community


BA, Communications, University of Minnesota


Member, Minnesota Jung Association


Global Career Development Facilitator, Normandale College


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Penny George Institute


Senior Trainer, HIRED, Workshop Facilitation/Case

 Management for Clients in Job Transition


Consultant/Recruiter, Job Placement, Randstad


Life Skills Facilitator, Jeremiah Program, Health and Wellness,

 Career Development, Financial Assistance and Parenting/

 Child Development



Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction can end up being

the biggest step of your life.


Raised in Taiwan, Kenya, Laos, Pakistan and Indonesia, I developed an ease in connecting with people from all walks of life, removing barriers, and getting quickly to the heart of what matters.  I value family and community, health and wellness, personal growth, nature, travel and friendships that touch my heart.  I strive to live with a be here now approach to life, honoring myself, my relationships, and my community.  And, I commit to helping people align their gifts for greater personal happiness and having it spiral outward from there.  


My clients amaze me with their strength, their beauty and their resiliency to push after what has heart and meaning

for them.  Granted, it is not always easy, that path to the other side of change, but it is living.  We get to choose the full spectrum of life.  Both highs and lows, successes and challenges are what grow us and uniquely define our personal evolution.  Over and again, life is about moving from fear, stuck or uncertainty into new directions, new experiences and an expanded self with a more vibrant life.  


I consider it an absolute joy and an honor to create space with my clients so they can dance with any change that calls to them with an openness, a curiosity and a courage.  You are so trust your longings, take some risks and live into the mystery of your life as it unfolds for you.   There is no better time than right now to claim the change that will bring you more fully into yourself and deeper into life!

"I credit you for helping me have one of

the best years of my life.  You are a

terrific coach."  - D. M. , Boston , MA

Chris's creativity, compassion and thoughtful care lead me to a path in my life with tremendous personal resonance and relevance!  My work with her has had a strong focus and attention on what I am here to create in this world.  It has been signficant and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a positive and empowered approach to change."  

                                                                      -  C.E. St. Paul

Ring me at 651-485-1564 or email [email protected] to begin our conversation.  


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Over a dozen years serving people in transition, and a lifetime preparing for it!