Meaningful Life Change

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Change calling to us has a powerful presence:

You may identify how sometimes there is a whisper and other times it feels as if your inside voice has a megaphone in hand and really wants to be heard and honored! Here is an invitation to take a journey back to yourself, to lighten your load, repack you bags and set off in a direction where your inner voice leads you....

Our yearnings want to be expressed, actualized and brought to fruition in our lives.
























Ask yourself the questions:

Take an honest look inside and discover what are you carrying in terms of work, relationships, and purpose and ask yourself the question: Are these my true north?  Are they serving to move me forward in life, to give me energy,

grow me and to allow me to express my authentic self?  



That is where I come in:  


I support my clients by being present and listening for their voice within. We make distinctions, gain clarity, and remove barriers. I calling it pulling out the shops and getting serious about the living the life you know you are truly here to live. We create a no judgement zone where everything is about learning and discovery. Our time together will take you on an inward path seeking, reflecting and questioning, and an outward one, to live with greater intention, honor and commitment to what you know is true for you.














Our ocean waves have power, beauty and grace....   and if you will honor them, personal ones do too.  




"When will you begin that long journey into yourself?"  


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