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"This was an opportunity of a lifetime.  When I began coaching I was pretty frustrated and felt stuck in both my personal and professional life.   During my first coaching session, I had so many Aha! moments, like a lightbulb just clicked in my head! The coaching space gave me the opportunity to have someone listen, to pull my head out of my own self-doubt, and to rebuild my confidence.   Chris was genuine, kind and honest during our time and she truly helped me change my life around.  I am incredibly thankful for the coaching and reflection she has taught during our time together and I have learned that I am stronger and have a lot to offer."  B. Lee


Empowered Transitions





Mid-Life Crisis


Third Culture Kids

            Healthy Lifestyles


                                           Self Compassion

                         Authenticity and Confidence

Nutrition, Fitness, & Plugging into Nature

De-cluttering and Letting Go

                                      Stress Management

A homecoming....



Tsoulnami...  where life's smaller questions meet life's larger ones...

Tsoulnami ... waves of change as you remember your purpose and why you are here

   Tsoulnami...aligning mind, body, heart and spirit.      




What becomes possible when you allow your inner voice to guide you?





What inspires me most about serving people through coaching is bringing people “HOME”. My work leads clients to live aligned with their gifts and inner yearnings, with their compass set to their own true north. I create a platform for people to complete with events, beliefs, relationships and stories that are in their way to more purpose and passion in their lives. When we live true to who we are, hands down, we are happier and healthier.


Change begins with reflection, self-awareness and is a choice. It also takes dedication, conviction, and many times courage. That is where I am able to step in and be productive with my clients as I assist them in discerning that little voice inside, and secondly, acting on it! We make distinctions, gain clarity and remove barriers. I call this “pulling out the stops and getting serious about living the life you truly know you are here to live!” The no judgement zone we meet in catapults exploration and action, creating a richness as we navigate an inward path to look at what is important to you, and an outward one, for you to live with greater intention, honor, and commitment to your desires and dreams. Our work will challenge and transform you, and in the end bring an ease as you come into alignment. Whole-hearted living is what we seek!


I serve clients one on one and through small group facilitation and workshops. I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, certified and trained at the Coaches Training Institute (now, the Co-Active Training Institute). In addition, I blend BEabove Leadership’s Advanced Coach Training in Neuroscience, Coaching and Consciousness with indigenous wisdom to arrive at a coaching container filled with tools to greet each client I serve.